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Crimes against web design: The 10 worst websites of all time

Always willing to have a pop at people behind their backs, the mean-spirited folk at UWP thought it was about time to chuck some mud about and see what sticks.

So we composed our list of the worst websites we’ve ever seen – a modern-day Clash of the Shite-ans if you pardon my French. And there are some beauties out there.

There are a few lessons to be learned but we’ve tried our best to steer clear of anything that could be considered helpful, constructive criticism in favour of just having a pop.

Off we go…

10. We’ll start with a site that is regularly voted the worst of all time but only just squeezes into our top ten – that’s how bad the rest are. What better way to demonstrate your love for Jesus?

worst websites of all time

9. Understatement of the year but it’s fair to say our man Jesus isn’t short of tributes – and here’s another. Not sure it will quite go down in history alongside the Vatican or Christ the Redeemer though…


8. Moving on from the Jesus theme, you can’t beat a minimalist feel. We would have liked this site if only there was a bit more going on…


7. And if you made the mistake of thinking things couldn’t get any busier, you obviously haven’t come into contact with this all-out assault on the eyes…


6. Nothing says “in loving memory of my dear friend” quite like his face plastered in the middle of a abhorrent web page for the world to see…


5. However, this one goes out to those of you who find that just the one human head per web page doesn’t quite cut the mustard…


4. We don’t even know what “Werbung” means but we assume it isn’t German for elegant and sophisticated…


3. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, how’s about this glowing advertisement for Yale University School Of Art? Harvard, you’ve got a hard act to follow…


2. And coming in at number two, I don’t know quite what to say about this – except whoever made it deserves to be shot in the face …


1. But even that abortion has been pushed into silver medal position by one of the most sickening crimes against web design you will ever have the misfortune to witness.

It’s as if the Great Canine In The Sky has eaten a plateful of radioactive Pedigree Chum and defecated all over all of our computer screens. Enjoy…


OK, so that concludes our whirlwind tour of everything on the web that is grotesque, poorly conceived and woefully executed.

You’ve learned nothing. Nor have we. Let’s move on and never speak of this again.


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