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Ten spelling mistakes that will haunt you forever – with pictures

Former England spin bowler Ashley Giles proudly boasts the nickname King of Spain after a set of mugs proclaiming him as the ‘King of Spin’ came back with misprints.

That mistake went down in cricketing folklore. Fortunately everyone saw the funny side but not all typos have a happy ending.

Here’s a selection of our favourite spelling mistakes – mistakes that have made their authors look like the mugs:-


1 If I’d have known they were selling these I wouldn’t have eaten before I came out…

vag sandwich


2 Blimey – sounds like my dream job! I wonder if these guys have got any vacancies…

blood stool tasted


3 Mmm… on second thoughts I might just stick to the biriyani please…

cock with biri


4 Erm, thanks for the tip Dear Deidre but I only came in for a pack of pork scratchings…

broken penis


5 I can see why this guy is so frustrated – no one likes a moran…



6 Yeah sorry guys – we tried getting the Venusian Luther King but he was fully booked…

martian luther king


7 Lost for words with this one. What a moran…

its gets better

8 Fuck which system? The education system? Think it fucked you mate…

fuck the systsem

9 Ah yes – what right-minded woman could resist the sweet smell of Eau de Colon?

smell of colon


10 Nice try sir but your poor spelling has just cost you your life of freedom…



11 And our bonus 11th pic is an impressive erection – somewhat apt considering the name…

impressive erection - pubic school

Moral of the story? A typo can make either you or your company into a laughing stock.

If you’ve got some copy to write and quality is important to you, give us a call. After all, no one wants to make a mistake in the pubic domain.

Ok, all this writing has made me hungry folks so you’ll have to excuse me – I’m off for a vag sandwich.



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