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Our clients come in all shapes and sizes. They all have their own individual needs so our work varies from one to another as a result.

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AdWords, Conversion Optimising, SEO, Social

  • Industry leading East-London estate agent offering hundreds of properties to rent and buy required help across various areas of digital marketing
  • Historically, Keatons received a huge amount of AdWords clicks from various remote parts of the world. UWP took control of their AdWords account, ensuring budget was better spent
  • At the time of writing we have, for example, inputted well over 7000 negative keywords, eliminating the vast majority of wasted clicks and written more than 650 new ads highlighting Keatons’ USPs
  • We have also streamlined the user experience from search term to ad to landing page – providing a strong message match and doubling click-through-rates
  • UWP also provide Keatons with regular reports on their Google Analytics and consultation on improving their organic search presence – highlighting issues like a high bounce rate on certain pages and across certain devices and browsers
  • We also produced a 28-page conversion-optimising document after extensive user testing, highlighting issues with functionality in certain areas, site speed, mobile optimisation and various specific elements of the site
  • UWP also conducted a thorough analysis of Keatons’ social media presence and assist Keatons’ SEO work with regular input on opportunities for improvement as well as general site-health support
Victim Support

Victim Support


  • Client – a household name charity – is one of the oldest and largest victims’ organisations in the world, with thousands of volunteers doing incredible work throughout the community
  • Victim Support wanted more publicity for both events they were running and the work their army of unsung heroes were doing throughout the length and breadth of the country
  • They employed UWP on a monthly retainer to increase publicity for their work and we used our extensive network of contacts in newspapers and press agencies to generate positive PR
  • We produced a variety of cuttings across a diverse range of publications – ranging from established news sites like the Huffington PostDaily Express and Evening Standard to specialist publications like Third Sector
  • UWP also helped create content for Victim Support’s own site
  • UWP acted as consultants to help create a strategy for Victim Support to become more proactive in setting the news agenda and better able to react quickly when certain issues came into in the national spotlight
Howlader & Co

Howlader & Co

Content, SEO, Social

  • Client has been No.1 on Google for “accountant London” – the most competitive term in the industry – for two years at time of writing and is currently on page 1 twice for this term (natural and places listings)
  • Currently appearing on page 1 of Google for over 50 other key terms, including “accountants London”, “chartered accountants London” and “chartered accountants east London”
  • Client is receiving roughly 8.7 times more organic traffic than they were three years ago – from 285 unique sessions a month to 2500
  • UWP have also written and placed high-quality content on a number of high authority sites, such as Taxation Web (more than once) and the Business Advice Service (and againand another)
  • We also created Howlader a new modern, clean logo and built them a new website from scratch – here it is 
  • UWP also help with both content creation and consultancy and Howlader now have a regularly updated blog that has gained interest from sites such as Smarter Business Network, who have re-posted their content
  • Hugely successful social media consultancy work. Examples including the design, creation and promotion of an infographic on maternity leave that drove 400 new visitors to their site in two days
  • £7 for every £1 they have put into digital marketing with UWP – see here. Estimate still stands after four years
CRB Check Online

CRB Check Online

AdWords, Content, Conversion Optimising, Design

  • Client’s old website was a little tired and they wanted to improve conversion rates so they enlisted UWP to build a brand new site from scratch
  • New CRB Check Online site is much more user friendly, fresher, mobile optimised and conversion rates have doubled – from 2.5% to a very healthy 5%
  • Site bounce rates have dropped from 84% for the old site to just 53% for the new site
  • UWP perform extensive AdWords work on a daily basis for CRB Check Online. Client set us a specific goal for cost per conversion that would have improved ROI from their previous AdWords provider
  • At the time of writing – after more than 500 conversions – we are getting conversions at just 61% of that agreed target cost, meaning we get 163% more conversions than the client targeted without spending a penny more
  • Content production: UWP have written the copy for the entire site, including weekly blogs. This allows the client to position themselves as a useful resource for those in HR – or in regulated industries such as the care industry – with useful FAQ pieces and guides etc
  • CRB Check Online blog posts are currently ranking in the top 1 or 2 positions of Google for various phrases, such as “Key elements of a DBS application”, “Why accountants need a DBS Check” and “Can DBS Checks be reused?
Top Five Percent

Top Five Percent

Content, Design, Social

  • Recruitment company who put thousands of candidates through various targeted online tests
  • Required a complete site build from scratch, including incredibly complex functionality where candidates are able to take a variety of timed tests remotely and the system can mark
  • Employers able to search via name, results, qualifications and skills as well as create their own specific dashboard tailored to their exact needs
  • UWP were incredibly proactive throughout and created a 151-page technical specification document in advance to ensure the client received precisely the product they required – flagging up a host of issues in advance
  • We created various designs on Photoshop, giving the client a large range of options and making amendments until they were 100% happy with the look and feel. Here’s the site we built for them
  • UWP wrote all content for the site, which is due to go live in the next few weeks at the time of writing (currently signing off the final touches on the site build)


Content, Design

  • New, ambitious clothing and accessory aggregator site where customers are able to check availability in their size for a huge number of household-name products
  • Designed and built site from scratch – this involved complex functionality where the site crawls hundreds of brands and thousands of products. A secure checkout was essential. Here it is
  • UWP designed and produced both the Sizestyler website and logo from scratch, having been given a brief for a clean, modern feel
  • UWP worked with the client to produce content for the site’s marquee pages and regular blog entries, adopting a chatty and fun tone
  • Currently in discussions with the client about increasing brand awareness through a structured content marketing campaign that targets niche publishers and relevant audiences


Design, SEO

  • Irish company expanding into the UK but wanted to increase their organic traffic
  • Organic traffic now 9.5 times more than this time a year ago (1165 unique visits in May 2015 compared to 122 unique visits in May 2014)
  • 80% of their traffic is now organic – critical to their business
  • Client now has over 20 keywords on page 1, including “personalised baby cards”, “unique baby cards” and “baby thank you cards”, which gets over 5,000 monthly searches and was identified in advance as the key term
  • They have approached UWP to redesign their UK site, with added functionality to make the most of this new traffic (improved mobile friendliness identified as a key area as it represents 44% of their traffic)
  • We have helped them lower their on-site bounce rate from 54% to a very healthy 34%
Southbank IT

Southbank IT

AdWords, Content, Conversion Optimising, Design, Social

  • Optimised a key landing page for conversions – reducing the numbers of calls to action, trimming the content, introducing bullet points and moving industry accreditations above the fold. Conversion rate has more than doubled to over 5%
  • Successfully rebuilt the client’s AdWords’ campaigns to massively reduce wasted clicks and overbidding
  • Now driving relevant custom at the right value, focusing largely on “IT support” and “IT company” phrases as these have produced the lowest cost per conversions
  • Working on Twitter to increase brand awareness, provide social proof and start driving traffic. Followers increased, impressions up by 680% and engagement rate up from 0.8% to 2.7%
  • Content – we have produced a number of mail shots and blog three times a month for the client, helping create a useful resource for their potential customers. This has also resulted in a record number of page views
  • Various blog posts ranking in the top few positions of Google, including “when to get an it audit”, “IT considerations when moving office”, “IT security for staff working abroad” and “choosing between PCs and Macs for business”


Content, Design, SEO

  • UWP have been ranking the Rees Draper Wright website on page 1 of Google for more than three years at the time of writing
  • More than 50 keywords on page 1. Examples include “headhunters London”, “search firms London”, “headhunting firms”, “executive headhunters” and “executive search firms”
  • At the time of writing, the Rees Draper Wright site receives 5.56 times more traffic than when we started work. This number continues to increase
  • UWP built the Rees Draper Wright website from scratch, including tailored designs focusing on a bespoke photoshoot. Here it is
  • We update the site whenever necessary (eg fresh content, headshots for new members of staff and the opening of RDW’s New York office)
  • Rees Draper Wright regularly approach UWP to create offline marketing materials, eg advertising hoardings and a classified ad for a recruitment magazine
DGJ Search

DGJ Search

Content, Design

  • Headhunting client who works with some of the biggest firms in the country
  • Wanted a new website – brief was to target a more corporate audience while at the same time allowing DGJ’s own personality to shine through
  • UWP came up with dozens of designs across various points in the spectrum (not all examples shown were used, for example)
  • All designs created with mobile and tablet firmly in mind
  • UWP had various meetings with DGJ Search throughout the process until the client was entirely happy – down to the smallest details
  • Copy had to be rewritten to fit with the new designs and also add a corporate element
  • Additional branding exercise – UWP helped devise and create various materials to send to DGJ’s clients
Westland London

Westland London

  • Client is the UK’s leading supplier of antique fireplaces – enquiries had been gradually decreasing
  • UWP produced a detailed conversion optimisation document and mock-ups and content for marquee pages
  • Traffic has gradually started to turn around, with rankings improving across dozens of high-value keywords
  • We have also run successful PR campaigns, seeing Westland featured in the Daily Express, Mirror, Yahoo and the Sun
  • Westland have also featured in various niche publications like Antique Collecting, Antiques News and Antiques.co.uk
  • We have also run an in-depth technical analysis of the site and made various key changes
UWP pr campaign for client
Photo Typewriter

Photo Typewriter

Conversion Optimising, SEO

  • Client’s previous agency had struggled to rank his site on page 1 of Google
  • He came to us and is already ranking 20+ keywords in the top three positions
  • Examples include “alphabet photography”, “letter photography” and “alphabet art” – three of his most valuable phrases
  • Has already had a 50% increase in organic traffic in the time we’ve been working together (less than a year at the time of writing). We are still at the early stages of our relationship and this number keeps on growing
  • Organic traffic now counts for two thirds of his total traffic
  • Client approached UWP for a detailed analysis of his site and we produced an in-depth conversion optimisation report, highlighting various issues about user journey, page layout, colour scheme and the general look and feel. Client is in the process of implementing these changes at the time of writing
BAC Sport

BAC Sport

AdWords, Content, Conversion Optimising, Design, SEO, Social

  • A well established and respected sports tour operator who needed a website redesign – old site looked dated and was not converting well
  • We built a new site on a budget from scratch: Sharpening landing pages, improving the user journey, decreasing loading speed, refreshing images, using the full width of the screen, adding calls to actions and mobile optimising throughout. Here it is
  • Client wasn’t producing regular content – UWP write and sub-edit regular high-quality blogs
  • At time of writing, blogs ranking at No.1 position of Google include “reasons to visit the Monaco Grand Prix”, “sporting selection gambles that paid off”, “can an underdog ever win Wimbledon?” and various other terms
  • UWP also carry out social media work for BAC, with followers and numbers of impressions both increasing rapidly (highlights include one Tweet receiving almost 100k impressions and well over 2k engagement)
  • UWP run various successful AdWords campaigns on behalf of BAC, driving custom for a variety of events from the US Masters and Ryder Cup to various grand prix and football tournaments across the globe
  • UWP are also ranking the BAC Sport site organically in the top 3 positions of Google for a number of key terms, eg “sports travel”, “sports travel packages” and “sports tour packages”
Think FM Solutions

Think FM Solutions

Conversion Optimising, PPC, Reputation Management

  • Client an established office cleaning company based in London but received very few enquiries through website
  • UWP optimised site to improve user experience – improving speed, reworking landing pages to include clients, accreditations, bullet points, social media icons and user-friendly contact forms
  • UWP also built and managed AdWords search and display campaigns. Overnight, client started receiving various high-value enquiries, including household name companies who turned into long-term clients
  • We also help with ThinkFM’s reputation management – gathering reviews from happy customers and improving their online presence
  • Client is making more than £50 for every pound spent and has increased scope of work
UWP work for ThinkFM
The Law Tutors

The Law Tutors

AdWords, Content, Conversion Optimising, Design

  • Newly-launched, specialist tuition company offering high-level face-to-face or online tutoring to law students and professionals
  • At the start of the project The Law Tutors’ website was receiving minimal traffic and had not been designed with conversions in mind
  • UWP’s design team drafted several different homepage options, having considered the best possible user journey. We are currently in the process of adding new pages to the site to expand on this
  • The Law Tutors’ USPs were brought to the front and centre, while the header was rearranged with clearer options and contact details
  • We designed and implemented another of other pages to suit the client’s needs – the end result is here
  • UWP have entirely overhauled The Law Tutors’ AdWords account, with 16 new campaigns. Segmentation has been key in order to ensure searchers see the most appropriate ad
  • Although still early days, UWP have greatly increased site traffic at a very reasonable cost and the client has started receiving regular enquiries – at a crucial growth period for the business
Samui Wedding Photographer

Samui Wedding Photographer

AdWords, Content, Conversion Optimising

  • Wedding photographer based in Koh Samui, Thailand
  • UWP created AdWords campaigns displaying from the UK to mainland Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia itself
  • UWP built the site from scratch on a limited budget, making it fully mobile friendly and conversion optimised as possible
  • Our work has resulted in a regular stream of enquiries for a modest spend of just £50 a month or less on AdWords clicks
  • Initial signs over the first few months suggest Samui Wedding Photographer has achieved an ROI of over 300% on his AdWords spend
Crown Preservation

Crown Preservation

AdWords, Content, Conversion Optimising, Design

  • Complete website redesign and build on a very modest budget. Old site looked dated, was not mobile optimised and the user journey was compromised
  • UWP built a new mobile-optimised site with amended content throughout. We implemented calls to action, bullet points and “user friendly” forms. Bounce rate improved by more than 15% overnight and continues to improve while we make further improvements
  • UWP created targeted a number of targeted AdWords campaigns to trigger various specific conversion-optimised landing pages
  • AdWords conversion rate – the proportion of visitors that either call or email our client – is currently 17.5%. Anything above 10% is considered exceptional in most industries
  • Client estimates a 1500% increase in concrete leads since leaving his previous marketing provider – see here for details
  • He now receives enquiries on a daily – as opposed to a fortnightly – basis despite his marketing budget remaining the same


Design, Adwords, Content

  • Client’s site was failing to convert enough custom so UWP were brought in on a limited budget to make minor changes to improve the conversion rate
  • UWP focused on improving both the layout and content and introducing a simple, prominent call-to-action. Conversion rate has more than doubled
  • Twitter – small scale Twitter management has resulted in an increase in both relevant followers and interactions
  • UWP also produce regular high-quality blogs for Sundar, which are appearing in the first few positions of Google for terms such as “history of cashmere pashminas”, “cashmere as a status symbol” and “how to remove stains from cashmere”
  • UWP also run various successful AdWords campaigns for the client and have improved conversion rates drastically here also – having made key changes to the bidding strategy, the times the ads appear, the devices they appear on, the segmentation of campaigns and various other factors
  • The client estimates they have an ROI of roughly 325% on their AdWords spend (including our costs and Google spend)
Hudson Weir

Hudson Weir

AdWords, Content, Design

  • UWP designed and built a classy website from scratch. Fully mobile optimised and completed in two months. Here it is
  • UWP wrote site-wide content for the client. Content is highly specialised and was written to strict client requirements, with a tone in keeping with the client’s ethos
  • Client is happy and is embarking on extensive AdWords campaign through UWP at time of going to press – we are driving regular enquiries at far below the target costs
  • UWP also designed and provided a logo from scratch after lengthy discussions with the client about branding priorities and various options. Here it is:

Hudson Weir Logo



Content, Design

  • Swedish gin company wanted a cutting-edge, creative site to do their funky brand justice
  • UWP built the site from scratch, incorporating tailored functionality at the client’s request
  • UWP made site fully mobile optimised and improved speed so it functioned better than previous site
  • Site also incorporates a parallax scroll feature and a specific menu Ragnarök were keen on
  • Functionality included an age verification test to prevent alcohol being sold to those under age
  • The site is live here if you want to take a look!
Loose Ends

Loose Ends

Content, Design, Social

  • UWP have been closely involved in the launch of a new social app for smartphones encouraging groups of friends to make better use of their free time
  • After providing consultation on logo-design, branding and app functionality, UWP wrote all on-site and in-app content with a focus on providing key information succinctly and snappily in a digestible manner
  • As a newly-launched startup project in a competitive niche, Loose Ends needed to gain recognition and develop a presence quickly. To support this UWP provided Loose Ends with in-depth social media consultation as well as launched a print / online PR campaign
  • We carried out a number of different surveys, revealing insight into the social lives of the general population and producing some interesting findings
  • The results, as well as coverage for Loose Ends, has featured in prominent print and online publications including Bella Magazine, Healthy Magazine, the Debrief and Star Magazine
  • UWP also got coverage for Loose Ends in numerous regional publications such as the Yorkshire Post, Lancashire Evening Post, What’s On Birmingham, Cambridge News, Salford Online, the Northern Echo, Chester Chronicle, Sheffield Star and Wales Online
WPJ Heating

WPJ Heating

AdWords, Content, Conversion Optimising

  • Friendly plumbing company who work throughout South West London
  • Wanted to increase business in the summer months so enlisted UWP to create various AdWords campaigns
  • UWP built a series of relevant, mobile-optimised landing pages that highlighted the company’s key selling points
  • We built various AdWords campaigns, targeting the relevant areas of London at the hours WPJ were open – focusing on three or four key services
  • UWP have regular feedback sessions with WPJ to ensure the account is as optimised as possible
  • The project is still in its infancy but initial signs suggest a roughly 400% ROI on WPJ’s AdWords spend


Content, Design

  • Start-up vaping company looking to take over a niche part of the market
  • Massively ambitious and needed a site to reflect the quality of their product and appeal to their target audience
  • Worked with client to produce designs – dozens of iterations across the smallest details. We flagged up potential pitfalls in advance, with mobile and tablet a key consideration and the site is here
  • Site build included the ability to make on-site payments and some complex functionality – eg a bespoke mobile slider we built from scratch to accommodate specific requirements
  • UWP wrote all on-site copy and, at the time of writing, are in discussions with Mistr over an ongoing content package – including regular blogging and management of social channels
Purple CV

Purple CV

Content, Conversion Optimising, SEO, Social

  • Client was not on page 1 of Google for any valuable / relevant keyword before we started working with them (nine months ago at the time of writing)
  • Client is now already on page 1 for 16 marquee keywords – plus dozens of others we are not tracking. These numbers are rising all the time
  • At the time of writing, they are ranking in position 1 for a large number of the most valuable / high volume terms, eg “CV writers”, “CV writing service” and “professional CV writers”
  • Site is already receiving over 4.5 times more organic traffic – around 3200 unique sessions a month as opposed to 700 unique sessions a month nine months ago
  • Organic SEO is already the client’s most successful marketing strategy: Cost-per-acquisition on organic is less than half what it is across other marketing strategies and is going down all the time
  • UWP have generated coverage for the client in newspapers like the IndependentDaily MailMetro and Daily Telegraph, magazines like Marie ClaireRed and Time Out, plus regional publications, radio and TV
  • We have recently started blogging regularly for Purple CV and are now in discussions with them about improving user experience on their site to increase the conversion rate
  • We have recently started managing Purple CV’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, ensuring that social enquiries are dealt with and building their growing online presence