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    We’re a leading London PPC agency

    You’ll find plenty of PPC management firms around.

    But if you’re looking for a PPC management agency in London with a proven track-record of delivering ROI time-and-again for our clients – you’re in the right place.

    We produce multi-platform PPC campaigns for clients across a range of industries. From Google Ads to the latest social advertising opportunities, our experts offer a second-to-none PPC management experience. Find out how we can add value to your business today.

    Why make UWP Group your PPC management agency?

    We’re a fully integrated marketing agency. This means we can draw on agency-wide skills and expertise, including world-class copywriters, designers, and data gurus, to offer genuine PPC management excellence. With decades of experience in the space, rest assured, your ads will be in the right place, at the right time – and delivered through the right medium, whether that be social video, search ads or sponsored content.

    Every decision we make as your PPC agency is data-backed. There’s no place for guesswork or assumptions when we plan your PPC campaign. Our PPC management team is meticulous, with a firm grounding in statistics and data science. We’re able to continually optimise on-going PPC campaigns to deliver better and better value.

    UWP has been a Google Partner Agency for almost 10 years. This accreditation shows we’ve consistently remained at the top of our game when it comes to PPC management within the Google suite. From Google Search, through to Google Shopping, Display and Gmail our certified level of performance makes us a standout London PPC agency.

    Creating a top-drawer, “clickable”, ad is one thing. But converting those clicks into business is another. A well-designed landing page with a strong message match boosts ROI – and increases ad quality score on Google Ads, meaning more prominent placements. With an in-house design team, and a track record of conversion success, UWP offer a full PPC management package.

    We’re happy to admit we’ve been around the block a few times. From the earliest iterations of Google Ads to the latest TikTok ad-formats, we’re constantly developing our skill-set and bringing in leading talent to ensure we remain at the bleeding edge of PPC management in London. 

    Are you looking to take your business to new heights, through forensically-targeted marketing? Get in touch to find out more about our PPC services.

    We have been working with UWP since August 2019 and have found them professional, transparent and responsive. David has been excellent in managing our digital campaigns" - Bella Nicholson

    Case study 1 – effective Google PPC management

    • Client in the property industry. They were spending 15-20k pcm on Ads but weren’t getting value.
    • They were getting just 7-8 enquiries a week at a cost of roughly £500 each before we started work.
    • We performed thousands of optimisations a month and added UTMs to connect the ads with the end user.
    • Within three months the client was getting 270 enquiries a month at £45 each – and that keeps going down.

    What PPC management services do you offer?

    Our experienced team works across a broad range of paid-media platforms and services. All the PPC campaigns we run are entirely bespoke and built around your business goals.

    From Facebook “carousels” and “collections”, to “outstream” and “bumper” YouTube ads, we’ve got you covered.

    UWP’s PPC management encompasses any number of the below services, platforms – and all related ad formats. 

    • Google AdWords
    • Facebook Ads
    • YouTube Ads
    • Instagram Ads
    • Google Shopping
    • Twitter Ads
    • Gmail Ads
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • Sponsored content
    • Snapchat Ads
    • TikTok ads
    • Pinterest sponsored pins
    • PPC audits
    • Bing
    • Native advertising

    The what and why of PPC management

    PPC advertising is a powerful tool, and one that’s continually developing – hence why it’s vital to work with PPC specialists.

    PPC allows you to reach potential customers and clients who are genuine “warm leads”. Ever increasing data points and platform capabilities allow consumers to be targeted based on online behaviours as well as offline signifiers, such as locations and store check-ins.

    Many of our clients begin their PPC journey with Google Ads. 

    Arguably, there’s no greater signifier of intent than a search query, and through Google PPC your business can rank #1 in the search results.

    We still advocate search-engine optimisation (SEO) and blended approaches to search marketing – but PPC offers immediate visibility.

    Targeting options continue to evolve across all platforms. This means no wasted impressions, no paying for erroneous clicks. A well-optimised PPC campaign drives genuine traffic with purchase intent.

    From net-worth, to hobbies, to individual postcodes  – our team can build a picture of your ideal customer, honing in on those most likely to engage with your business.

    Why do we love running PPC campaigns for our clients? Three reasons…

    1. PPC is measurable and trackable. We can account for every pound spent
    2. PPC offers quick entry to the marketplace, unlike other digital channels
    3. PPC campaigns produce a wealth of marketing data which allows for continuous optimisation

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Want to find out how a PPC campaign can drive traffic and sales to your website? Talk to one of our PPC experts today.

    "David was quick to respond and adjust our campaign over its duration and also gave valuable insight and direction. We have already signed them up for the next one!" - Anita Sutcliffe

    Case study 2 – an optimised PPC service

    • Client in the food and drink industry. Was with another agency for three years but results were inconsistent
    • They had one ‘golden period’ of conversions and cost per conversion which overshadowed all results
    • The brief was to try and get close to this golden period, which saw 120 enquiries at £65 each in a month
    • Within four months we had surpassed it with 158 enquiries at a cheaper cost per conversion – and it kept improving

    As a PPC management agency, our packages are as comprehensive as they come

    Evidence-based PPC campaigns, proven to deliver success…

    PPC management can come in different shapes and sizes. Indeed, at UWP Group we pride ourselves in tailoring PPC service packages to suit our clients’ needs. 

    There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all PPC solution. What’s more, online advertising is a fast-moving landscape and our experts continually adapt our packages according to the latest trends, platform offerings and best practices.

    Our PPC packages include:

    • Deep-dive consultancy and auditing – we get to know your business and your audience
    • PPC strategy development – the right platforms, the right mediums – we’ve got you covered
    • Ad creation – from copywriting to creative assets, we can do it all in-house
    • Campaign setup and continuous optimisation – our fingers remain on the pulse
    • In-depth reporting and on-going strategy expansion in response to new learnings and data analysis

    Why not launch your PPC journey today?

    "We knew that advertising online was going to be a winner - but we had no idea just how successful it would be... UWP Group were quick to respond and always made time to discuss even the most minor changes." - BacToFut

    Case study 3 – multi-channel PPC management

    • Client in recruitment – their in-house team had been running their own PPC for years
    • Their Google Ads account averaged 316 conversions a month at £10.60 when we began working on it in late 2017
    • We performed thousands of optimisations, eg demographic adjustments, altering the ad schedule, adjusting bids on devices
    • By 2019 their account was averaging over 750 conversions a month at £5.69 each and we have added Bing and Facebook

    PPC Management in London – FAQs

    • What’s better: SEO or PPC?

    This is a common question, and in truth, there’s no right answer. Both SEO and PPC work to drive traffic the most valuable traffic to your website (it’s the most valuable because people are already looking for your products/service/information). 

    SEO drives “organic” traffic, but takes a significant length of time to have a noticeable impact, while PPC drives “paid” traffic and can be switched on overnight.

    This is a common question, and in truth, there’s no right answer. Both SEO and PPC work to drive traffic to your website via search – valuable traffic too, given it’s backed by search intent. SEO drives “organic” traffic but takes a significant length of time to have a noticeable impact, while PPC drives “paid” traffic and can be switched on overnight.

    For us, the ideal is a blended approach to search, leveraging both routes. PPC is an invaluable data source, which can be used to refine SEO campaigns, and ensures continual traffic while the long-term efforts kick in. Luckily, we’re pretty good at both!

    • How does PPC differ on different platforms?

    PPC offers a wide range of potential touch points to engage with your audience. Whether you want to reach your customers via social media or search engines, we’ll demonstrate that different ad formats and techniques can be used to generate business.

    Some PPC platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram offer a visual advertising experience, while sponsored-content partners such as Outbrain rely on an engaging headline. And we’re pretty good at both of those. Check out our creative and copywriting teams.

    • How is PPC performance measured?

    We’ll agree a regular reporting schedule with you at the outset of your PPC campaign – but rest assured, we will be measuring performance continually (your PPC account manager will be checking your accounts multiple times a day).

    Some of the metrics we report on are: overall ROI, clicks, cost-per-click, click-through-rate, bounce rate, impressions and impression share. Your account manager will work with you to ensure all data is explained and accessible. We’ll do the leg work – but we want you to be able to understand the data driving our campaign optimisations and decisions.

    • How much does a PPC ad campaign cost?

    The potential cost of a PPC campaign can really vary. Some platforms work out more expensive than others to gain visibility and clicks, while competitive search terms or industries can also be more costly.

    That said, you’re always in total control of your spend – it can be ramped up or down at any stage in the campaign. 

    We do charge for campaign set-up, as well as a monthly management fee. 

    To find out more about how much your ad campaign will cost, get in touch.

    "UWP Group made a significant difference for our business development. Not only do UWP have incredible insight into digital marketing practices (which has notably increased our client conversion rate), they are also an absolute pleasure to work with." - Maritina Tsembelis

    Case study 4 – evolving PPC advertising

    • Client in HR, wanted more clients – previous agency were getting paying customers for £11 each
    • We performed thousands of optimisations to increase both the quality of the traffic and how hard the site worked
    • Conversion rate has increased from 3% to 14%, with new customers rising from roughly 80 to 375 a month
    • Cost per conversion averages £5.50 since we took over and we have expanded on to other ad platforms

    Looking for a PPC agency in London?

    Look no further. Get in touch today and arrange a free PPC audit.