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UWP Group are a social media agency in London

    We’re a leading London social media agency

    Social media management companies are two-a-penny in London. But at UWP Group we offer social media marketing packages which genuinely elevate our clients’ brands.

    Whether it’s a comprehensive, all-platform, social media management service you’re after, or a targeted one-off paid-social campaign, a no-obligation chat with one of our social experts is the place to start.

    Why make UWP Group your social media agency?

    • A completely bespoke approach to social media management – with no two packages the same
    • A dedicated Account Manager providing support every step of the way
    • Access to UWP Group’s Creative Studio and Content Team to ensure your social media content stands out from the crowd
    • We’re passionate about delivering social media marketing success across a range of industries and social platform

    Are you ready to take your brand to the next level, uncover new leads and build a community of advocates through social media marketing?

    Speak to a member of our social media team now.

    If you need social media help then I highly recommend you reach out to UWP.

    Case study 1: Social media management

    • Client a leading London estate agent. Their amount of shares and likes are both higher than the industry average on Facebook
    • Their amount of comments, shares and likes are also all higher than their industry averages on Twitter
    • At the time of writing, visits to client’s Twitter profile were up 114.1% and mentions were up 50%
    • Twitter follower numbers are also continuing to increase considerably at a rate of around 5% each month

    The what and why of social media management?

    As a long-standing social media agency in London, it’ll be of little surprise to learn we think social media management is pretty damn important.

    But don’t just take it from us. 

    Some of our clients have seen the following results:

    • A 201% increase in followers on Twitter
    • A 93% increase in followers on LinkedIn
    • A 2,915% increase in average monthly impressions on Twitter

    In 2022, more than 4.62 billion people worldwide are active on social media, with users averaging 2 hours and 27 minutes per day across various social platforms. 

    And these users aren’t just sharing selfies or TikTok dances – 54% of social browsers begin the purchase cycle by using social media to research products.

    That is some audience – and one your business cannot afford to neglect.

    Social media management can come in different shapes and sizes. Indeed, at UWP Group we pride ourselves in tailoring social media marketing packages to suit our clients’ needs. 

    There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all social media marketing plan. What’s more, social media is a fast-moving landscape and our experts continually tweak and optimise packages according to the latest trends, platform offerings and best practices.

    Our social media management packages can include:

    • Social health checks and competitor analysis
    • Social media marketing strategy creation
    • Platform set-up and optimisation
    • Content creation and scheduling
    • Community management
    • Reporting and tracking
    • Paid social media campaigns

    We been working with UWP for a several weeks now and already made great progress in our digital marketing across search platforms and social media

    Case study 2: Paid-social media management

    • Major fashion retailer with various stores throughout the UK – running Facebook ads across Europe
    • Client wanted to monitor take-up across 5-year age bands, gender, city, country of residence etc
    • Thousands of advert text and image variations required so we produced a spreadsheet tool
    • Tool allowed us to analyse various metrics, making it easy to create, amend and upload in bulk

    Social media management FAQs

    • Which social media platforms do you manage?

    Our social media team pride themselves in their skill and experience across a plethora of social platforms (including some you may not even have heard of yet!)

    Social media management packages can incorporate as many or as few platforms as appropriate for your situation and budget. 

    ‘Quality over quantity’ rings true in the world of social media marketing. We tend to advise a high-quality, active presence across a smaller number of channels, rather than simply having a profile anywhere and everywhere.

    That said, our experts will look closely at your industry, audience and competitors to ensure you’re active on the most valuable channels for your business.

    • What will a social media strategy include?

    All our social media strategies are bespoke and tailored to your business.

    However, all strategies will include key information such as:

    1. The social platforms 
    2. Tone of voice
    3. The types of content we’ll be sharing on your behalf
    4. Frequency of posting and times-of-day
    5. Roles and responsibilities
    6. Key-performance-indicators
    7. Reporting frequency
    • What is the approval process for content?

    We appreciate it can be a big step to entrust a social media management agency with your brand’s tone-of-voice and public-facing persona.

    Consequently, we seek to offer total flexibility within our social media packages when it comes to the approval of content.

    Should you like to review each post before it goes live – no problem.

    That said, our social experts will immerse themselves in your brand, following in-depth preliminary work, and are always confident of delivering world-beating content day-after-day – leaving you free to focus on other areas of the business, should you prefer.

    It’s worth noting, we’re a fully integrated digital agency so there may be different strands of content which may require additional approvals or incur extra costs – e.g. video production – depending on the type of social management strategy you’ve gone for.

    •  How do you deal with negative sentiment?

    Some businesses are cautious about launching a social media marketing strategy due to fear of keyboard warriors and trolls attacking their brand. 

    Although negativity online gets a lot of press, in our experience, it’s very much an infrequent occurrence for our clients. 

    Should there be instances of unconstructive criticism or comments, our team is well versed in the best practices for managing such situations and limiting their impact.

    For peace of mind, our social media management packages can be adapted to include round-the-clock monitoring, community management and, if necessary, a crisis communications playbook.

    Trust us – you’re in safe hands.

    • How often is progress reviewed?

    An effective social media strategy is underpinned by near-constant review and analysis.

    Our social media team will be monitoring your accounts on a daily basis to take onboard any learnings and track fluctuations in key metrics.

    Each month you’ll be provided with a detailed monthly report on performance across your social channel – as well as strategic updates for the coming month.

    Once a quarter, we’ll sit down with you and review the strategy as a whole. Social media marketing is an ever changing landscape – and we want to keep your brand at the forefront.

    Any other questions? No problem – drop us a line.

    Case study 3: Social media brand building

    • Client is a leading CV writing company – their Twitter post share rate is higher than the industry average
    • Client enjoyed a 5% increase in Twitter followers in the first month (8.3% in 3 months)
    • 14.3k organic tweet impressions in the first month, 39.4k organic Facebook impressions in the first month
    • Their highest engagement is found on Twitter, where they post their most liked and shared content

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