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How to use video to promote your business

Video marketing is no longer up-and-coming – it’s here in a big way. In a study by Hubspot, almost half of marketers reported they’d be investing in video in 2017. If you want to compete, you’ll need to know how to use video to promote your business.

How to use video to promote your business

Most of us watch videos online every single day, and the amount of video we watch will only grow.

In fact, a study by Cisco suggests it would take a person more than 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month by 2021. Crikey.

So don’t get left behind – read on to find out how to use video to promote your business.

Tell your customers’ stories

Shouting about how amazing your products are is great – but it’s even better if your customers can do it for you.

Satisfied customers make the best advocates for your business. Try asking them to film testimonials, or run a competition where customers enter by uploading videos of themselves using your products.

User-generated content is often more convincing than traditional advertising, and can be shared on your website, in marketing emails and on social media.

Showcase your products or services

People love watching videos. And is it any surprise, with gems like this floating around?

A survey by Wyzowl found that where both text and video are available, 69% of users would prefer to watch a video to learn about a product or service.

Give the people what they want and show off your products or services with videos rather than just images and text.

Thank your customers

Sharing personalised ‘thank you’ videos is a great way to make current customers feel special, and show prospective customers that you care about providing a positive experience.

How to use video to promote your business

This is a good idea for businesses that are just starting out, when fostering customer loyalty is even more important.

Introduce yourself and your business

Forming strong customer relationships is one of the cornerstones of successful marketing.

This can be a bit more difficult for businesses that operate predominantly online. Introducing your business and employees with videos is a way to bridge the gap between your company and its customers.

You could try filming ‘meet the team’ videos and posting them on social media, or share behind-the-scenes glimpses when something interesting or amusing happens.

This will help to humanise your business, and allow customers to engage with it on a deeper level.

Offer customer support

Rather than having an FAQ page, why not answer common customer questions with videos?

How to use video to promote your business

This tactic works particularly well for products that require a bit of technical nouse to use. ‘How to’ videos can be incredibly helpful for confused customers.

For example, this plumbing and heating company includes a handy ‘how to’ video explaining how to clean a boiler filter.

We won’t bore you with any more statistics about how much people like watching videos, but needless to say, most people will find an instructional video easier to digest than a long, wordy explanation.

How to use video to promote your business: a summary

Video marketing can have great results, and is a fun and engaging way to mix things up alongside other types of promotional content.

If you want to know more about how to use video to promote your business, get in touch with us today – we’re always happy to help.