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Our clients range from multinationals to one-man bands but one thing doesn’t change – we make their money work as hard as it possibly can.

We are full Google partners across a number of specialisms, Bing accredited professionals and have a wealth of experience across Facebook / Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and much more.

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PPC case study 1

  • Client in the property industry. They were spending 15-20k pcm on AdWords but weren’t getting value
  • They were getting just 7-8 enquiries a week at a cost of roughly £500 each before we started work
  • We performed thousands of optimisations a month and added UTMs to connect the ads with the end user
  • Within three months the client was getting 270 enquiries a month at £45 each – and that keeps going down

PPC case study 2

  • Client in the food and drink industry. Was with another agency for three years but results were inconsistent
  • They had one ‘golden period’ of conversions and cost per conversion which overshadowed all results
  • The brief was to try and get close to this golden period, which saw 120 enquiries at £65 each in a month
  • Within four months we had surpassed it with 158 enquiries at a cheaper cost per conversion – and it kept improving

PPC case study 3 

  • Client in recruitment – their in-house team had been running their own PPC for years
  • Their AdWords account averaged 316 conversions a month at £10.60 when we began working on it in late 2017
  • We performed thousands of optimisations, eg demographic adjustments, altering the ad schedule, adjusting bids on devices
  • By 2019 their account was averaging over 750 conversions a month at £5.69 each and we have added Bing and Facebook

PPC case study 4

  • Client in HR, wanted more clients – previous agency were getting paying customers for £11 each
  • We performed thousands of optimisations to increase both the quality of the traffic and how hard the site worked
  • Conversion rate has increased from 3% to 14%, with new customers rising from roughly 80 to 375 a month
  • Cost per conversion averages £5.50 since we took over and we have expanded on to other ad platforms