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We are full Google partners across a number of specialisms – and we pride ourselves on making our clients’ money work as hard as it possibly can for them.

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PPC case study 1

  • Client in HR industry. Another provider was previously running their AdWords account
  • Every conversion was costing them £11 with their previous digital marketing agency
  • They tasked us with reducing this to £10 or below if possible after we took over in early 2015
  • After 5,000 conversions, average cost per conversion is £6.84, with number of conversions up to over 200 pcm

PPC case study 2

  • Client in construction. Was with household name agency before leaving and handing over to us
  • He was paying a fixed amount a month and receiving between 3 and 4 enquiries a month
  • Without increasing his spend, we have increased enquiries to 35 a month – tenfold increase
  • Client admits this has revolutionised his business and has bought a Tesla with the profits!

PPC case study 3 

  • One of our SEO clients asked for a one-off AdWords audit to try and lower cost per conversion
  • We changed the structure, bidding, extensions, negative keywords, devices and much more
  • In the three months before our audit, they received 701 conversions at €30.32 per conversion
  • In the three months after, they received 1225 at €16.86 – already saving €16,500 in three months